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Blueberry packing machines

– Actual production: 180 to 200 Kg/h

– Average weight accuracy: from 0 to +3g

– Containers: Multiformat (clamshell, punnets, glass cubes, tubs, cardboard…)
– Weighing capacity: Up to 500g (multiple weighing for more kilos).

– INDUSTRY 4.0: Total Remote Control, Remote Technical Support. Production data extraction
– Air consumption: 120L/minute.
– Electrical consumption: 2.5Kw. 220 VAC
– Material: AISI-304 Stainless Steel

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The Azcaval E-2000 packaging machine is the perfect blueberry packaging machine for small blueberry producers, as it is specifically designed and manufactured to carry out the entire packaging process in the same machine. It is a compact and ergonomic machine that makes it very versatile since its design allows the producer to use it in different ways and add accessories as their production increases. Constructed of AISI-304 quality stainless steel and with top quality components, it has highly developed electronics specifically to guarantee precision in weighing and achieve production of up to 200Kg/h with two. Bilberries, bilberry or blueberries packaging machine

All AZCAVAL products have an 18-month warranty and technical service with a 24-hour commitment*

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