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  • / Day
  • £630.00 / Week
  • £3,600.00 / Month
Hire with operator
£150.00 / Hour

Azcaval Linear Weigher with 4 scales with greater weight precision than the simple 1-2g margin of error, with average productions around 40 weighings per minute, being able to dose in AUTOMATIC MODE with an AZCAVAL packaging machine or in SEMI-AUTOMATIC MODE where the operator must unload and place the already shaped bag below for subsequent manual heat-sealing.


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The AZCAVAL linear weighers with one or two vibrating rails are the perfect choice for our customers who do not need high production or weighing accuracy as demanding as multiheads. The linear weigher is much cheaper than the multihead, but it takes away a lot of production speed and accuracy.

Weight 5 – 2,000g
Production 10 / 30 bags / min (Depends on weight)
Surface Smooth or teardrop
Volume 0.5 – 3L
Weight control Touch Screen
Consumption 1.2 kw 220v / 50 Hz
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